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    Team Training in Long Island

    Mark, WOW what a day!!!  As a coach I have taken my athletes to different camps and clinics throuht my eleven years as a track coach.  But this was a special experience.  Having you come to our school and train our boys and girls for the day was incredible.  The athletes and the coaches got a tremendous experience from the day.  The information about warming-up to the technical training is something that myself and all of the athletes will never forget.  We are already using many of the training tools that you taught us during our team practices.  I know as a coach you helped me how to teach the athletes the proper mechanics in the throws so that they can become better throwers.  Once again the athletes, the other coaches and myself truly thank you for a wonderful day of training and look foward to having a terrific season and years to come in competing in the throws.

    Thanks again,
    Coach Chris Meyers (Syosset, Long Island Track & Field)