Mark Mirabelli Track and Field - 609-937-6462

    Pratt Valentine

    When I was in the market for seeking lessons for throwing Javelin, Shot Put, and Discus I shopped for someone who was a Scholar, Competitor, and Coach in the Sport of Track and Field. After purchasing my new Javelins, Discuses, and Shot puts; I picked up a few Throwing Series DVDs on the Shot-put, Discus,and Javelin. I watched those DVDs and was mesmerized by the fellow in DVDs. The other DVDs came from former World Class Athletes from various parts of the country.

    After doing my homework, looking at websites, and making phone calls MARK MIRABELLI really stood out. It was his website and his testimonials that makes me proud to call him Coach or Mark. Even Will Hendricks, who was in his Discus DVD and various other outstanding Athletes have all gotten into good competitive schools on track scholarships. Everyone one of his athletes to include his son Chris has done really well.

    In closing Mark Mirabelli is only a phone call or text message away.

    Pratt (Maryland Masters Thrower)