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    Matt Tholis

    After finishing my junior season I was only a halfway decent javelin thrower with a personal best at 151 and some change, I didn’t even make it past the state sectional meet. My coach told me that if i wanted to take my throwing to the next level I would need a personal coach. So he reccomended Coach Mirabelli. I started training in the summer with Coach Mirabelli, and after only a few sessions my throws went from an occasional 150 to a consistent high 160 even a few at 170. During the season I came in first in every dual meet, and came in 1st in the Somerset County Championships. I came in third at the state group meet with a personal best ,and a school record throw of 180 feet 6 inches.I refuse to believe that there is a coach more passionate about the throwing events than Coach Mirabelli, his passion and technical coaching style, are what makes him the best coach around !

    Matt Tholis, Montgomery High School ’08