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    Massive Improvement

    I first trained with Coach in the winter of my sophomore year having a PR of 96’ throwing the javelin. In my first lesson with him I ended up throwing 101’; so i already PRed by 5 feet… and it was my first lesson! By the beginning of spring season I was throwing 108’ thanks to Coach. Throughout the year I continued to get better and better and then at the Meet of Champs of my sophomore year I threw 131’ 3” that placed me sixth in the state!! In the beginning of the year I probably wasn’t even in the top 30 in the state and by the end of the year i was sixth in the state!! I wouldn’t be at that point going into my junior year if it wasn’t for going to Coach Mirabelli for practice. It’s not just about making a 35’ increase in one year that makes Coach so special; it’s his true energy and excitement every time I go train with him. Whenever I leave, I go back home motivated and determined to get better because he gets so excited when I throw when we train together. That is what really separates him from being just a regular coach to being a truly amazing coach to be trained by.