Mark Mirabelli Track and Field - 609-937-6462

    Marlon & Sam Mattis

    Hello Mark,

    Sam and I wanted to reach out to you and personally thank you for your guidance and support during his Freshman year. All sprints begin with that very first step, and we fully recognize how critical that first step was that we took with you in 2009.
    Your creative and effective drills and infectious love for throwing coupled with your genuine care for and support of your athletes/trainees was the fuel that ignited Sam’s love for throwing.

    Winning a National title in the discus and consecutive MOCs as well as state Freshman, Sophomore and Junior class records is not just a testament to how hard Sam has worked, it also represents the guidance that the he has received over the course of his/her career. You played a pivotal early role in Sam’s success and for that we would like to thank you.

    There is not a year that goes by that a part of his training doesn’t involve early principles that you laid down years ago. These principles are the bedrock around which we develop the other elements of his yearly program.

    Thanks again for the start to what we hope will be a great throwing career in high school, college and beyond.

    Best Always,
    Marlon & Sam Mattis