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    Marlon Mattis

    Hi Mark,

    I hope all is well. I wanted to send you this link of a video I did for Sam and again express our heartfelt thanks for your early support and tutelage of Sam. Of all the coaches that he has seen over the past 4 years, I consider your contribution to his early development and love of throwing to be the most important. You just made it exciting to love the events. The video is a bit long but please watch it through the end. I think you will enjoy it. You will probably recognize a slow motion clip of Sam at your training session from Freshman year 2009.

    We can’t thank you enough. A great coach is the same as a great teacher, they just make you want to continue to learn and grow. Thanks for planting this very important seed.

    Best Regards, Marlon Mattis
    Sam Mattis State Record holder 218′-8″