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    Dr. Dan Adams

    You’re a FREAKING GENIUS!!!! Let me tell you how I’ve come to that conclusion. First couple practices…eh…threw really hard and just managed to muster 150′ with a 1000 gram javelin (I put a 200 gram donut on a regular javelin thanks to your First to the Finish catalog). Arm hurt, knee hurt, and I was slow as lead. Today, pretty much of the same slow, painful stuff until, on a whim, I wrapped like crazy and slowed it down.


    Away it went! Better yet, no pain in the elbow. Funny thing, the more I slowed it down and concentrated on wrapping it and biting the tip, the easier it was. Can’t wait until Monday when I throw again. I just gotta clean it up. I’m not expecting some magnanimous throw but I know I got more. Thanks coach…I remembered concepts you taught me. I going to the masters championship in July 9th but I’d like to meet up with you one or two days after that meet to clean some things up. I need my coach to kick me in the butt!

    Dr. Dan Adams (Master Thrower)