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    Coach Mirabelli’s teaching methods with the javelin have helped me throw better. He encourages his throwers and gives time to everyone. He helped me out by working with my schedule. I used to have a pain in my side when I threw and after going to him only once times the pain subsided. I’ve was having trouble with getting my steps down and he set up my steps with me…I’ve tried other coaches and the way they approached the javelin wasn’t as good to me as the way Coach Mirabelli does. Coach Mirabelli stresses quality of throws over quantity. He has fixed the way I hold the Jav, and changed the way I approach with the javelin. He is even coming down to me to set up a weight lifting program for me. I’ve seen a definite improvement of 10-12 feet after going to Coach Mirabelli Only 3 times.

    Dan, Ocean Twp. HS
    New Jersey