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Ron Johnson Javelin Building

Ron Johnson Javelin Building

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Ron S. Johnson | 350 Woodland Dr. | Winston, OR 97496
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Quality Rebuilt Javelins Since 1982

Ron Johnson Rebuilding is dedicated to offering the highest quality service to schools and individuals who desire the finest workmanship at an affordable price. It is our goal to promote the sport of Track & Field, and it’s participants.

Why Choose Ron Johnson to Rebuild or Convert Your Old Javelin?

  1. Ron offers well over twenty five years of experience working in the Track & Field industry,  Javelin Manufacturing, Rebuilding, and extensive Research & Development.
  2. Ron has Rebuilt Javelins for former World, and American Record Holders.
  3. Ron was also personally involved in the Manufacturing of two Javelins thrown to capture Olympic Gold Medals.
  4. Ron maintains the Highest Standards of Work Quality to ensure you of the Best possible finished Javelin