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 About The Track & Field Clinic

The Mark Mirabelli Track & Field Clinic, LLC was founded in 1991 after observing a lack of knowledge and improper technique in most High School throwing, jumping and running disciplines.

Being a coach for the past 40 years and speaker at many National and USATF Conventions,camps and clinics. I decided it was time to gather some of the best Olympians, college and High School clinicians Track & Field could offer, and present a true interactive "Learn by Doing" clinic that would help kick start the athlete and coaches Spring season, and give each athlete and coach the needed foundation of drills, skills, and comprehensive instruction in the Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, High Jump, Triple Jump, Sprints and Distance. We hope you can join us on Sunday March 18, 2018 which should be one of the best ever "Learn by Doing" clinic at the John Bennett Sports Complex "the Bubble" Toms River NJ! 

Past Olympians and Clinicians

Carl Lewis, Renaldo Nehemiah, Brad Mears, Kevin Toth, Frank "Gags" Gagliano, Lamont Smith, Tom Tellez, Jack Pierce, Bill Parisi, Charley Best, Jack Mulder, Jim Seifert, Chris Sagnella, Adam Nelson, Tim Brennan, John Taylor, Steve Dolan, Stacy Grant, "Uncle Marty" Stern, Jackie Adams, Ann Pierson, Lex Storm, Dan Mullen, Dr. Bob Sing, Matt Centrowitz, Norm Tate, Mike Mielke, Larry James, Adam Kuehl,Sean Sheilds, Ron Corson, Jen Graf, Deirdre Mullen, Jack Mulder, Brian Wethey, Barry Jackson, Cary Huggard, Trae Toliver, Dwayne Banton, Ringo Adamson, Karen Gaita, Mark Mirabelli,Erin Donhue, GLenn Thompson, Sam Springer, Dana Pounds Lyon, Brian Cortina, Todd Matthews, Jeff C, Tim Brennan, Deidra Mullen, Nik Vedjes,Cary Huggard,Barry Swanson,Jack West,Ray Brown,Dan Adams,Rich Geraci...Stephine Brown Trafton Olympian Gold Medalist,Harvey Glance,Ashley Higginson


Mark has 40 years of coaching experience and over twenty - five years of throwing the javelin competatively. He has coached some of the best throwers in state and nation in all three throwing events and has developed a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable throwing coaches around. Mark is also a published author for  "Coaches Review" on the discus and javelin and most recently wrote an article on the discus for LSTJ. Mark is also author of the "Mark Mirabelli Throwing Series on CD-ROM and DVD Throwing Series II . An informative teaching series on basic shot putting, discus and javelin throwing. An excellent teaching tool for the coach and athlete.

Mark is the founder and director of his own spring track clinic for the past 26 years where he has conducted one of the finest "Learning by Doing Clinics" for coaches and athletes in the Country.

Below are just a few of some of Mark's past and present athlete's whom have trained privately and received scholarships to some of the finest University and Colleges in the USA:

  • Chris Mirabelli 8th at the USATF 2017 Championships 
  • Big Ten Campionships 2017 
  • Penn Relays Champion 2017 251-5
  • Chris Mirabelli 14th at the USA Olympic Trials
  • Chris Mirabelli  2016 "Big 10" Champion 240'5"
  • Chris Mirabelli Pan Am Champion 2015....... 238'4"
  • Chris Mirabelli senior PB of 216-5
  • Chris Mirabelli Junior Holy Cross HS 214- 6 Meet of Champion 1st,Meet Record
  • 4th at the New Balance Nationals in NC, 3rd at the World Youth Trials in St. Louis
  • Chris Mirabelli soph. Holy Cross HS 196-11 USA Junior Olympic Champion 211-10 jr. year


  • Nickolas Mirabelli 11th 213-5 State Champion Scholarship to Texas A&M, 2nd at the Penn Relays 205-4
  • Nickolas Mirabelli 10th grade 3rs place at the State Championships PB 178-9
  • Wil Hendrix (Discus)
    130' - 172' in one year. 4th at the Penn Relays, State Sectioinal Champion, 3rd at the Groups and 3rd at the Meet of champions. Scholarship to Morgan State. 2006
  • Brian Winn (Javelin)
    160' - 188'. All-American 6th at the 2005 Nike Nationals... Scholarship to
  • LaSalle University. 
  • Chris Mirabelli Scholarship to Rutgers University
  • Gary Johnson 194'1" All-American 6th at the USA Nike Nationals 2006, All-State, Two -Time State Sectional Champion, two-time Group Champion Hamilton West
  • John Reso (Javelin)
    Freshmen 99' - 173'' in 6 weeks Hamilton West
  • Jen Graf (Javelin)
    Rutgers full scholarship Javelin 99'-152' 9th in the USA 3-time All-Group State Champion 
  • Nick Kotovy (Javelin)
    170'-231'5" National Golden West Champion, Meet of Champion Scholarship to Nebraska 
  • Gil Winters (Javelin)
    Javelin Champion, Golden West Full Scholarship to Duke 15-'220'State Champion, Discus 120'-170', Shot Put 40'-58'
  • Sam Beverly (Javelin)
    160-208' full scholarship to Virginia 
  • Mike Finley (Javelin)
    150'-210' full Scholarship to Morehouse College 
  • Terrence Glover (Shot Put & Discus)
    2 Time USA National Champion Discus & Shot full Scholarship to Penn State. DT-99'- 204'7", Shot 40'-61'-5"
  • Aricia Jossil (Shot Put)
    Shot Put State Champion 30'-41' State Champion Scholarship to W Virginia 
  • Steve Seaben (Javelin)
    140'- 202' State Champion Scholarship to Villanova 
  • Tim Raywood (Javelin)150'-194' Scholarship to Monmouth University
  • Cody Unger - UCONN         160'-233' 7"
  • Matt Tholis - Rowan University  140'-198'
  • Kyle Elliott - Rhode Island University  175'-200'
  • Brian Cortina- Cornell Discus 178' Prep Champion

 Scholarship Throwers

  • Clohe Early - East Carolina 110'-142' Discus
  • Josh Suttmeire South Carolina Javelin 160-209'
  • Cody Unger - UCONN 160'-203' 7 " scholarship 
  • Treasure Burke - Rider College 37' scholarship
  • Melissa Lake- Javelin 139' 5" Rowan
  • Amanda Daniels - Shot 38', Discus 118' Widner University
  • Lauren Mirabelli Javelin University of Phil 
  • Chris Mirabelli Javelin Rutgers University
  • Nick Pulli Shot & Discus Maryland University
  • Jenna Swenk Dartmouth University Javelin
  • Brit Elliott Dartmouth Javelin Kyle Elliott - Rhode Island University 175'-200'
  • Brian Cortina- Cornell Discus 178' Prep Champion
  • Derick Trout - University of William and Mary 150-208'
  • Alissa Hester- Monmouth University- Shot Put 32'-41'
  • Sean Brennan- US Naval Academy -Shot & Discus 32'-57', Dt 130'-170'
  • CJ Licata Princton University 61-3 Shot
  • Kamron Kobalut Rutgers University 59' Shot
  • Nickolas Mirabelli Texas A&M 213-5 javelin

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