2021Team Mirabelli Personal Training (Shot-Discus-Javelin)

2021 Mirabelli Team & Personal Throwing School

2021 Mark Mirabelli Throwing School is now accepting enrollment!

The Throwing school has turned out 1,000s of great throwers over the past 30 years. Boys and Girls have come to train from all over the country and have left throwing father then they could have ever imagined! The sessions consist of two hours of elite learning guaranteeing  immediate improvement in the shot put both Glide, Drop Glide, Rotational, Discus and Javelin! 

  • Video Analysis of drills and correct body position
  • teaching both the mental as well as physical attributes needed for competition. 
  • Help getting your son/daughter into College
  • read the reviews on my pages

In the case of any questions or concerns, please email me at mark@mmtrackandfield.com or text/call me at 609-937-6462.

Mark Mirabelli 


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Winter Registrations are open for Personal Training at the Team Mirabelli Throwing School

Spring Registrations are open for Personal Training at the Team Mirabelli Throwing School

Being a great athlete doesn’t just happen, it takes dedication, hard work and true commitment to be the best! It starts today! Click here for more information or you can call: 609-937-6462 or email: mark@mmtrackandfield.com us directly.



Team Mirabelli Track & Field Clinic

Testimonials From The Best:

Stephanie Trafton – Olympic Gold Medalist, Discus

“The Mirabelli camp is perfect for anyone young or old of all levels! I loved the quick and informative presentation format which kept the athletes attention throughout the entire session. The variety of coaches and instructors is outstanding and they answered all questions with in-depth knowledge. It is a great start to a successful season!”




"One of the best Learn-by-Doing Clinics around!"

- 9 Time Olympic & Gold Medalist, CARL LEWIS